It’s not just an RV. It’s family memories!

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Making Memories with your Family!


When I think back to some of my most memorable childhood days, they were spent in long weekends on the river or the lake with my parents, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. I’m definitely in my 55+ years but I still remember vividly the campfires, sleeping on army cots or in the back of the pickup truck as a child. We’d load up everything in coolers and boxes and leave on Friday afternoon to go on a family outing. In the early days, it was rustic camping. After I was grown and gone, my parents bought a used RV and camping became more luxurious for them and for us when we came to visit.

More Choices for RVing and Camping today!

pexels photo 9212509

Today’s families have more choices in camping. Many are still tent campers and enjoy the simplicity of being outdoors without as much expense as owning an RV. And, there’s something satisfying about getting camp set up properly and mosquito-proofed inside the tent! Other campers have migrated to small tow-a-longs that range from some that are hardly big enough to sleep in, but still do the job, to massive 5th wheels that, when fully expanded, have more square footage than some homes! Then, there’s the motorized big RVs that have multiple slides, outdoor kitchens, TVs that pop up out of the countertop, and bathrooms that rival hotel suites! There is definitely an RV type and budget for all. The most important thing is that you get out there with the family and enjoy it!

RV trips…these are the memories that stay through the generations!

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