About Us

RVParkSales.com was born in 2019!

People often ask us “how did you get into this business?”  The answer is: “We grew into it as a natural progression from many years in real estate, owning offices and working with other Agents, Brokers, and Lenders, and finally buying an RV.”

In 2012, we made a big life change, leaving the west coast and moving to Texas, and eventually, clearing out the house and ‘going small’ in our RV.  It was a very liberating time and we found out we loved the RV lifestyle.  We met so many other wonderfully carefree people who were experiencing the same thing.  Several of them said they were interested in buying an RV Park so an idea came to life!

In 2018, we decided that with an eye to the future, we should establish another home base, and what better place than Panama City Beach, Florida?  So, we bought our current home in 2018, got Florida real estate licenses and began working on selling RV Parks in Florida!

One stop shop to find an RV Park Broker, well designed site that is easy to navigate. Whether you are looking to buy or sell an RV Park/campground I highly recommend using this platform. 5 stars

Adam Lawson