Marie had all the answers I was looking for today! She’s hands down the best RV Park Broker around!

Gina Ginocchio
Real Estate Broker

One stop shop to find an RV Park Broker, well designed site that is easy to navigate. Whether you are looking to buy or sell an RV Park/campground I highly recommend using this platform. 5 stars

Adam Lawson

“Marie is great to work with, very knowledgeable and professional. I love what her platform has to offer!”

Jenna Postill

You have been the best Realtor conversation that I’ve had since we listed the business!  You must do well!

I appreciated your call – it got us hopeful that we can really sell.

Thank you for your help and interest!

Ellen Lancaster

“Marie has been fantastic and a pleasure to work with! Great platform she offers to reach a wide variety of qualified buyers!”


Jason Postill

Marie is Great to work with.  We had an RV Park listing in the Daytona Beach area of FL, and Marie sent us a Buyer Referral.  Marie’s Buyer became a Backup Buyer who eventually Purchased the Park when the original Buyer defaulted.  Marie is very Professional, Knowledgeable and Helpful.  I would recommend people to work with Marie. Thank you!

Leo Decker