Seller Tip #1: Selling your RV Park

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Seller Tip #1 for Selling your RV Park or Campground:

“If they can’t see it, you can’t sell it!”

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This catchphrase has been around for decades and it is still true. However, has a new approach to selling your RV Park or Campground that combines showing it off with keeping it hidden!

Wow! HOW?

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We call it “Incognito” marketing and it is found on and is available to people selling By Owner and to Brokers/Agents.

What IS shown:
⦁ Park photos of your choice, minus any shot that includes signage or shows too much
⦁ Text that is descriptive as to the features without totally identifying your park
⦁ A second tier contact page. Buyers click on a button for more information and they are taken to a sign-in page where they enter their contact info.  This info is emailed directly to the owner or Broker/Agent for follow up.
⦁ If yours is a Broker listed property, the buyer can ask the Broker/Agent (who is your shield) as to giving out too much info. And with a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement) you have a better level of keeping a lid on the information about your park while still giving buyers what they need to know.

Some sellers of the incognito parks wish to sell their parks but want to avoid high exposure when marketing it.

This is for a variety of reasons:
⦁ They may have employees that they don’t want to know about a potential sale yet
⦁ They may have long term tenants that they don’t want to alarm
⦁ Selling the park might just be one of their options with the others being dissolving a poor partnership, going through a divorce, or some other matter that makes them want to avoid signing a full exclusive listing with a broker. If they resolve their issue and don’t have to sell, they don’t want the exclusive listing liability, and they have avoided telling the world.

Brokers don’t generally like these type of agreements.

However,  many will accept them on the chance that they can sell the park under these conditions, and make a commission. The Broker works on a simple commission agreement based on performance only with no restrictions on the part of the seller to be able to cancel the agreement.  A Broker who is already working with a Prospective Buyer likes this type of arrangement because they can expose the listing to the buyer, in hopes of having less competition.

The problem for the Broker is marketing an incognito property under traditional methods.

Any advertising must be presented in such a way that the property is not recognizable based on the content of the advertising. The Broker may already have a buyer in mind in the best case, but they usually need to market the property in some manner. If they don’t have a buyer in mind, they can offer this type of marketing on to the Seller to try to find a buyer without the Seller’s property being exposed.  It’s a win for the Seller and the Broker.

The site section titled “Incognito Parks” on

This is where Brokers and Owners can put their park up for sale with limited information and maybe just one or two photos that don’t disclose where the park is or identify it in any way.

The property is described in this way on the site:

  • Property type: RV or MH Park
  • Asking Price $
  • Location: Somewhere in state (chosen from list)
  • A small text box is where the broker/agent/owner can decide what to input to give a bit of info without going too descriptive on the park.

Buyers ask for info on these listings in the same way as the others on the site by filling in a form requesting info.
Buyer requested info from this listing goes to the person placing the ad, and copied to database.

Note: Buyers LOVE this type of property because they feel that the property has not been overexposed and is ‘new’ to the market, allowing them a quick shot at buying it. This should be a very active source of buyer leads and seller leads.
So, if you think you want to sell it, but are concerned about any of these situations, we have the answer and a course of action for you at

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