Pain at the Pump for RVers

frustrated woman pumping gas into hair

“Will high gas prices kill the RV Park business?”

So, I hear this all the time from folks who think the RV Park business is going to fall apart and crash due to high gas prices. Well, that’s a natural conclusion for some folks to come to.

Good News for RV Park and Campground Owners!

I ask a lot of RV Park and Campground owners how their businesses are doing during this time. It seems that regardless of what the fuel costs are, RV owners are still going to be out there, on the road and in the campgrounds. Many park owners say their parks have not seen a falling off or leveling out of occupancy rates. Actually, they report longer stays at their parks, so their revenue is still holding.

Higher gas prices don’t seem to stop the active RV owners!

They are making shorter trips, and it certainly encourages longer stays, especially at parks in very desirable locations. For the RVers who are road warriors and want to be up and running every day, the fuel costs are definitely a factor.

However, RVers that I know tell me that they are still experiencing the best vacations with family and friends by gathering at favorite RV parks and campgrounds across the country!  Some are making their trips “theme weekends” such as Cowboy Days and look for RV parks with a western theme.  Or, during sport seasons, they may have a trip planned around a football game theme and attend their Alma Mater games.  Some in South Florida gather around spring training camp towns and enjoy a visit to the ballpark, all the while making their way back to their RV homes and not paying high hotel bills.  RVers are a very imaginative group of folks who find ways to enjoy their recreational time, regardless of gas prices!

All the RV enthusiasts who just want to take their RVs  to a great location and enjoy all that the park and surrounding area offers, the fuel prices haven’t stopped them yet! And that’s good news for RV park owners!


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