RVParkSales.com Questions and Answers for Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Brokers/Agents:

Frequently asked questions

What is RVParkSales.com?

It is a new concept Online Marketing Company, based in Panama City Beach, FL, and owned by Marie Hansen, Licensed FL Broker for PCBeachHomes, LLC and Alan Hansen, Partner/Agent.

What are the benefits to Buyers?

Access to fully search all RV Parks, Mobile Home Parks, Campgrounds and other specialty real estate offered for sale on the site. (For Buyers who have experienced the ‘run around’ of trying to get all the details they need about a property, this will help solve that issue!) Buyers can “SELF MATCH” to listed Properties…just in case you don’t want to wade through all the parks, and know what you want and where you want it. Set up your information when you register, and as New Listings come on the market, you will receive “new listing” notices that match your request.

What are the benefits to Sellers?

Offer your property online at an asking price you select Create a property profile that includes photos that you can upload to the site. (We can help you with this) Connect you to a Lender to advise you about possible financing options for your buyers and what to expect in the process if you wish. You get to talk directly with Buyers, or you may authorize us to take Buyer calls to reduce your involvement with Buyers. If you wish to offer your Park as "incognito", we can offer it on the site without disclosing the park name or location. We pre-screen buyer inquiries, so you don't have to do that. Want to add different photos, or change the text description, or price? You can. RVParkSales.com promotes on other social media platforms to drive more business to the site. Our professionally built website is optimized to grow in visibility online.

What does is cost for a Seller to advertise their RV Park or Campground on RVParkSales.com?

Advertising plans start as low as $49 per month on a three month plan with no requirement to extend, although that is optional. Other plans include additional Social Media Marketing for the park for added exposure. Go the rvparksales.com on the Sellers page for details.

What if the Seller wants to list with a Broker/Agent or already has their property listed?

If the Seller is already listed with a Broker, that’s fine. The Seller can add their property to the site, by paying the advertising fee, and getting their Listing Broker’s permission to market it there. We do not alter the relationship between the Seller or Broker. It’s just extra promotion to help sell the park. Additionally, a Broker can pay for the advertising on the same plan. If the Seller has not selected a Broker to list their park, and wishes to be connected to a Broker, RVParkSales.com will make every effort to match them to a Broker, who is active and licensed in their state. All negotiations between the property owner and the referred Broker are solely between them. RVParkSales.com does not enter into their business negotiations, but may receive a referral fee from the Broker out of the commission proceeds.

What are the benefits to Brokers and Agents?

Gain wider exposure for your listings on a site that is specific to property type Buyers who come to the site will see you participating, and know you are an active licensee Buyers will be able to see your listings on the site and request more information. All interactions between Buyers, Sellers and Broker/Agents are noted and will generate the appropriate referral fee for the introduction/connection. We allow Brokers and Agents (with their Broker’s permission) to market their RV Park Listings (and other specialty listings) on the site. RV Parks and Campgrounds, many times are also Mobile Home Parks, Marinas, and Hotel-adjacent, and can be advertised on the site.

How do Brokers and Agents sign up?

Go to RVParkSales.com, register, filling out the form online and we will set up your Account so you can login when you want to add a listing or change a listing. Brokers/Agents must be licensed in their state and in good standing to participate on the site. A Broker or Agent will pay the same (as Sellers) advertising fee per park that they wish to market. Brokers/Agents provide the information about their listing, plus up to 10 quality photos (and one video for Blog promotion, if available) to RVParkSales.com. We can do the upload to the site, if needed.

Do you charge Brokers and Agents advertising fees upfront?

We charge a Marketing/Advertising fee (choice of three different plans). For Brokers who carry larger inventory loads, the Marketing/Advertising Fee is adjusted for volume. We can arrange payment plans to make it fit your budget. For more details, go to: https://www.rvparksales.com/sellers Ad fees for Brokers/Agents are the same as the Sellers ad fees.

How does RVParkSales.com benefit from this?

 A properly done website generates a lot of leads. Our goal is to develop a group of locally known and respected Brokers/Agents across the country to give the best attention to their sellers and buyers in their respective markets. Advertising that works gains repeat business.  With RVParkSales.com, Buyers can be referred on each park they are interested in. And RV Park buyers usually don’t just buy in one zip code. They are all over the place and want info on many parks. The added future benefit is that the RVParkSales.com site has more listings and becomes more attractive to buyers who are searching.

Is RVParkSales.com part of a franchise?

This is not a franchise company, just a marketing entity with like-minded professional Brokers and Agents.

Is this an “exclusive group" of RV Park Brokers?

No. As we build a registry of Brokers in multiple states, we grow nationally and add more listings to the site. While what we are doing in this referral business is not exclusive, the Brokers who are "first in" may be able to develop a presence as “RV Park Broker/Specialists” in their respective states.

What do you need from me to put my listing on RVParkSales.com?

Go to https://www.rvparksales.com/brokers-agents-low-cost-ads The site will walk you through filling out the forms online, and you will see how to add your listings. We can always assist with tech support if you hit an issue adding listings.

So, if I sell my listing to anyone else who doesn’t come through the site as a referral, I don’t owe a referral fee to RVParkSales.com, right?

Right! Just send us an email, with the closing date, sale price and Buyer’s name, so it can be marked “Sold” and OFF “Active” status. This also helps build the SOLD database that appraisers seek for RV Park and Campground sales.