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Answers to your questions without obligation

By contacting you are merely asking us your important questions about a future sale of your RV Park or Campground.  Every park owner has specific needs and a timeline as to how long they plan to hold onto their park and when they plan to sell their park, or to do estate planning for their heirs.

We can't help with the estate planning part, but we can certainly advise you and assist you when you get closer to your sales plan.  Our commitment to you (as one of our Site Guests) is to share what we know about the sales process, and to give you tips and pricing advice when you want to sell.  Until then, you'll see some handy info coming your way.


We promise:  No high pressure sales pitches.  We consult and market your park at affordable prices.  In fact, our prices are so low, we can't afford to spend hours trying to sell you on the process!   You'll either love what we do and take advantage of our great marketing and exposure or you'll do something else.  Right now, it's just a conversation.  


Straightforward.  Honest. Your choice.  Please register below and ask us your questions.

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