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Hello! Nice to meet you! I am Marie Hansen, Owner (along with my husband, Alan) of . We love the RV Industry and have found most all the people involved in RV Parks (building, buying, operating, financing, selling and marketing of same) to be genuinely nice people with a shared love of all things RV!

You will find several categories on the website: Information directed toward Buyers and Sellers, and a ProDirectory where Members can join and be found by their professional category.

The categories include: Broker/Agents, Appraisers, Lenders/Investors, Developers, Affiliates and Vendors. Whatever you are seeking whether products or services, we have built the site to accommodate all. If you happen to fall into one of the above categories, Join as a Member for free, then go to the Forum to jump into the conversations or start new dialog based on what you want to find, or something incredible you discovered in the RV world.

The Forum is open to all Members, and Membership is always free.

Please join us on the Forum to ask questions, answer questions from others and just contribute as you see fit.

Of course, ours is a polite and considerate site and inclusive of all. Welcome!

Marie Hansen
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