"Watch out for the 'gators", Little Timmy would warn...

Updated: May 20, 2021

"Watch out for the 'gators, Little Timmy would warn..."

Now, I don't think there are 'gators in the #Cypress Pond, but you never know. A young boy, in the #FloridaPanhandle full of adventure and longing to be a pirate, would likely test those waters for a moment before scrambling back up the bank. The way the ducks land and take off quickly says there might be a long term resident gator there. On the flip side, people fish from the banks of Cypress Pond and don't seem bothered by anything.

Gators aside, with 242 acres to play on, Timmy would certainly find other adventures in this wonderful property, aptly named "On Cypress Pond". Adventures like building his pirate ship on the branches of the Umbrella Oaks, or taking Dad's binoculars to spot deer and turkey in the woods, if he could sit quietly long enough. With the rolling terrain and the trails in the woods, Timmy could ride the horse on a 'trail ride' just like the cowboys did, then circle the wagons and camp for the night! So much adventure awaits Timmy when he lives On Cypress Pond!

This large manicured #acreage site is one of the prettiest to be found in the Panhandle, and sits roughly an hour north of #PanamaCityBeach on Hwy 79, a divided four lane major highway. Long frontage adds value, as well as access to the north side of the property off Union Hill Rd, making it easier for a developer to lay out small acreage parcels, so lots of Timmy's and their families could live here. All details to this property HERE

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