"Pleeeeze! Let's stay where they have a dog park!"

When searching online, we found that way back in 2007 over 50% of RV Owners who went on the road took their pets with them!

Today, in 2021, our best bet is that the percentage has increased, as we see (mostly) dogs in every RV that passes by, many of them in the front passenger seat!

Dogs are more a part of the family than ever before, and with the emergence of more and more dog parks being built in RV Parks and Campgrounds across America, the park owners have stepped up to accommodate the 4-legged RVers as well.

Dog parks come surrounded by fencing (and cross-fenced) in all shapes and sizes (literally) and many of them have segregated areas for smaller dogs and bigger areas for our big friends to romp and play. That way, no one gets bowled over in their rambunctious playtime.

A 'must-have' we've seen are bubbling drinking fountains in appropriate heights. Another great idea we've seen is a play pool for the dogs. It's a good way to cool down for the dogs and rather funny to watch for the owners. The only downside to it comes in the form of clean up for park employees, with too much grass and dirt landing in the pool. The dogs love it, though!

Owners are also accommodated with shaded benches in some parks so they can take a break and visit with other dog owners while the pups have their fun.

Think of it this way, you've driven a long road today, maybe with not a lot of excitement. Once you land in your reserved space, it's time for some Rest and Relaxation. That's what is on Fido's mind as well, and the Dog park is a great spot to burn off some of that stored up energy!

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