New Year....New Blog!

Updated: May 20, 2021

So, I've been trying to expand my horizons (blogwise) to learn the best ways to blog to reach out to friends, family, current clients and potential new clients. It seems the thing about blogging that is of the utmost importance is to just say what you want to say about yourself, family, business, community, homelife, beliefs and enjoy everyday things and share the treasures you find with those who want to read and interact with you on your blog. Here goes, I know I'm going to be a blogger who tries to bring out the best. Please join me in adding your own thoughts when/if I trigger you with something I say. I'd prefer that we keep the negatives to a minimum and concentrate on finding more of the good things in life. Enjoy and feel free to comment on the blog!

I'm drawn to the salt water! When I was about 10 years old, my family went to Galveston for a few days. I was hooked and have done my best to pass that on to my kids and grandkids. I think it took!

Al and I spent a few decades on the west coast, as close to the beach as possible! Then, after rambling around the country on a few trips in the RV, we decided we needed a home base...a place that was comfortable, warm (almost all the time) and walking distance to the sand. We found it in Panama City Beach and have settled in nicely. We've had a few family members come for visits and look forward to more of those. No one turns down a walk to the beach... white sand, turquoise water and mostly gentle breezes. Come on down!

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