Elvis would have stayed here!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

When I think of Memphis, I immediately think of the #BirthplaceofRockandRoll and all the famous recording artists who broke new ground @SunStudios in Memphis. So much talent came to the forefront during a time of great music and great entertainers! My personal all-time favorite (being a teen of the rock and roll era) was Elvis Presley. When "All Shook Up" or "Can't Help Falling in Love" comes on the radio, my mind goes immediately to the lyrics, and "Memories" come flooding back, as I quietly sing along. Memphis still reigns as the Legendary birthplace of Rock and Roll.

And there's more to Memphis, with many other sites to see and places to go dine, be entertained and enlightened. You can sign up for many available sightseeing and dining tours (Including Graceland). Check out @travelocity.com for packages and more.

Elvis toured the USA in his Vista Cruiser, and I'm sure traveled the many roads around and to Memphis over the years. He would have needed a spacious RV Parking Spot for this HUGE RV tour bus!

Your RV may be somewhat different than the ones owned by Elvis, but you still need a great spot to park during your trip to Memphis. So, read on, my #RVTravelBuddy.

With tourism returning post-pandemic, (“Oh, Happy Day!”) it's no wonder that folks are flying in to Memphis or jumping into their cars and RVs, thinking "It's Now or Never" time to go traveling to Memphis. So, "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"! Plan your trip now.

During 2020-21 season, #RVParks only felt the impact/loss for a few short months, and then the RVers in the USA took to the roads. After all, many retirees could "Shake, Rattle and Roll" on down the road, and the younger families could home-school the kids in the RV and many worked remotely, so the pandemic offered them the opportunity to "Follow That Dream" and see America!

In this year of 2021, RV Parks and Campgrounds are reporting as high as 100% occupancy! And Park owners are smiling to themselves and thinking "Money Honey"! The RV Park and #CampgroundBusiness has most always been an excellent business to be in, but now it is skyrocketing, with RV Park and Campgrounds for sale flying off the market (at warp speed in great locations!). New #RVParkOwners are smiling and singing “My Wish Came True” and recalling how they searched for, and found, their RV Park or Campground to buy.

Being RVers ourselves, and working in the industry #sellingRVParks and Campgrounds, has given us a front window view of what makes a great RV trip, along with the challenges you might face out on the open road, including finding an available site for the night for your RV. And, we've seen the ins and outs of #runningRVParks and the challenges faced when trying to #sellaCampground or RV Park, especially if the park that is for sale is not in the best location. It's the same old Real Estate quote: "Location, Location, Location" that is timeworn, but still true, and especially for RV Parks. If you don't have the #topRVParklocation, the bottom-line income can suffer, so you need to make up for location with other amenities and stellar service.

When one of the newest advertised listings was placed on our site, RVParkSales.com, we were intrigued about the location: It is Memphis-adjacent, and just south of the Mississippi and Tennessee state line, located in Southaven, MS, and sitting only 1/4 mile off the Interstate with an easy exit. (RVers love that!). This listing is for a #fullyapprovedRVPark to be built.

Here are a few of the highlights:



o Has all governmental approvals necessary for development.

o Located in Southaven MS along Stateline Road & Airways Blvd, two major roads.

o Has all utilities to the site.

o 24 hour Exxon with diesel fuel on the corner & Kroger across the street.

o $985,000

The new owners should have an easier time in getting this park built and up and running due to what has already been accomplished and due to its valued location. Get this park built and open and you’ll have a “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”!

So, check out this listing @RVParkSales.com. It is listed on the Mississippi page and the Tennessee page due to its close proximity to “Memphis Tennessee”. You might even think you’ve found your “Good Luck Charm” on RVParkSales.com because you can get details on this exciting new park opportunity as well as info on all other parks on the site. Easy. No Cost to Buyers.

So, come register as a buyer on @RVParkSales.com site, and we'll see you there, or down the road. Happy Travels!

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