Continues with more Sellers saying "Help me Sell My RV Park"
and Buyers wanting to buy an RV Park!

People often ask us “how did you get into this business?”  The answer is: “We grew into it as a natural progression from many years in real estate, owning offices and working with other Agents, Brokers, and Lenders, and finally buying an RV.” 

Then to be quite frank, we grew weary of the up and down cycles of residential real estate due to market conditions being challenged by great drops in 2000 and 2008, creating massive industry changes.  It was, and still can be, a roller coaster business.

Then, in 2012, we made a big life change, leaving the west coast and moving to Texas, and eventually, clearing out the house and ‘going small’ in our RV.  It was a very liberating time and we found out we loved the RV lifestyle.  We met so many other wonderfully carefree people who were experiencing the same thing.  We worked as work campers in RV Parks part time and learned a lot about the industry as these resorts were developing, as well as in fully established resorts.   We also met quite a few people casually who said they wanted to buy an RV Park.

Our affinity for the RV Industry grew.  We began attending major RV Shows and became acquainted with that part of the industry, meeting many resort owners and other companies that market and sell RV Parks and Campgrounds all across the USA.  We were hooked!   After going to work with one company that sells RV parks, and meeting even more people who wanted to buy an RV Park, we managed to work remotely from our RV, which was a great match, giving us the opportunity to still see the country and make some money as we moved around.   We visited RV Parks and Campgrounds, some of which were for sale, in the NW, SW, SE, Midwest and Central United States.  Several of the park owners we met told us "I think I want to sell my RV Park", and it spurred an idea in us that led to the creation of RVParkSales.com.  As we look forward, our next adventure is planned to the NE United States and Canada with some long-time friends!

In 2018, we decided that with an eye to the future, we should establish another home base, and what better place than Panama City Beach, Florida?  So, we bought our current home in 2018, got Florida real estate licenses and began working on selling RV Parks in Florida!

This deeper connection with RV park owners showed us that there was a missing element in these transactions.  The sellers, many of whom said "I want to sell my RV Park, and I want to sell it By Owner, had a few choices in how to market.  And they would readily pay reasonable advertising fees as opposed to Broker Commissions.  There seemed to be equal numbers of owners that we met who wanted to do it on their own, or wanted to hire a Broker/Agent to list and sell their RV Park.  Their big questions were “if I do decide to sell my RV Park and list it for sale, who do I sign up with?” and how do I know it will get promoted to a large audience?”

Equally challenged were the RV Park and Campground Buyers, passionate about finding and wanting to buy an RV park, would search all over the internet and social media sites and groups trying to find parks and campgrounds for sale.  Some of them connected with owners and RV Park Real Estate licensees who had parks listed.  Many of them made phone call after phone call trying to get all the information they needed and wound up frustrated with the lack of information they got or by having to search endlessly all over the internet!  For many buyers, the biggest hurdle was finding financing to buy an RV Park.  We heard these tales far too often, discussed it regularly, and then… 

  • We decided that we could offer a solution to the RV Park Owner that would benefit them, a solution that buyers who want to buy an RV Park would love as they could buy from the owner if they wanted to do so, or if they needed more assistance, counseling and negotiating skills, they could connect with a RV Park Sales Broker/Agent.  The door was open to all possibilities for the Seller and Buyer!   Nothing was hidden, and each was free to pursue their sale or purchase of an RV Park in a manner that fit them, either directly dealing Buyer-to-By Owner Seller, or Buyer-to-Broker/Agent.  Honestly, all these solutions are available to anyone, anywhere, but we put them all into one place:   which makes it a one-stop spot for Seller/Owners and Buyers.  


And so,  RVParkSales.com was born in 2019!


Some of our first Sellers and Brokers to join had Campgrounds and RV Parks for Sale in Florida.  The next to join had RV Parks in Texas for Sale.  Other interesting parks were a waterfront RV Park for Sale in Kentucky and a Bank Owned Repo RV Park for sale that needs Redevelopment in Illinois.  The Brokers who joined us said "I want to sell my RV Park Listings and do it affordably".  And they just kept coming on the market, RV Resorts on lakes with marinas, RV Resorts that had other entertainment for their guests and Resort accommodations with a wedding venue. 

Campgrounds and RV Parks for Sale come in all shapes and sizes, some very rustic and some very upscale with a huge list of amenities.  Some have RV park locations near freeways for the overnight traveler, while others are best suited to Snowbirds and other full time long-terms guests/tenants who either own their mobile homes and rent the lot, or rent the entire home/lot combination.  Whatever  someone is looking for, there’s a Campground or RV Park just suited to them when they are ready to buy an RV Park or Campground.

All these resources continue to build and the future is a large online resource that will be of even greater value to RV Park and Campground Owners and Buyers.  And as we go charging into 2021 to make this new year a GREAT one, the website is growing and more enhancements are planned for RVParkSales.com!

Doing business with RVParkSales.com gets you into the ‘main information hub’ where you can find the RV Parks For Sale and the professional connections you need!  So, if you've thought "I want to sell my RV Park", you've found the right place.  Or, if you've just begun your search to buy an RV Park or Campground, we're here for you.   And, it is all either FREE or very affordable! (Join Us)


Service Area:  Feel free to ask us questions at RVParkSales.com,  known as a Company that Sells RV Parks, where we help Sellers who tell us, "Help Me Sell My RV Park!" and Buyers who want to buy an RV Park can find parks and campgrounds!

In connecting with owners, we found the most often request from them was to "help me sell my RV Park".  Some had been trying to find a buyer for a while, and others were just beginning in the process and making decisions about selling by owner or listing with a Broker/Agent.


Sellers in other states asked us "Help me sell my RV Park", so we went to work designing and building RVParkSales.com. And they just kept coming on the market!

If you are considering selling your RV Park and wonder "what do I need to do to sell my RV Park?", we have your solution.  Because we have buyers wanting to buy an RV Park in all areas of the country, we are seeking RV Parks and Campgrounds to market Nationwide:

There are RV and Mobile Home Resorts in CA especially in the Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs areas.  And many more RV Resorts for Snowbirds are in Arizona, South Texas and Florida.  Whatever a buyer is looking for, there’s a Campground or RV Park just suited to them. 

We have buyers looking to buy an RV Park or Campground in every state.  More interest is also coming from buyers who want to buy an RV Park or Campground in Canada.

Our goal was obviously to build a nice inventory so buyers could not only Locate a property, but when they did, they could get all the information they needed to make a decision.  So, all the sellers asking "can you help me sell my RV Park?", may we introduce you to all the buyers who are asking "can you help me find and buy my RV Park?"  We will be happy to introduce you!

All these resources continue to build and the future is a large online resource that will be of even greater value to RV Park and Campground Owners and Buyers.  RVParkSales.com continues to grow and more enhancements are planned in the future for the RVParkSales.com website!  So, if you own an RV Park or Campground and are thinking "I need someone to help me sell my RV Park", Join Us!