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Why Should Lenders and Investors join RVParkSales.com?

Lenders and Investors can be very necessary contributors to most successful RV Park and Campground Sales.  While there are a number of cash buyers, there are more who either prefer to finance or need a part of the financing from a Commercial Bank or from an Investor/Partner.

Buyers are well advised to do their research on Lenders and types of loans available as they plan to buy an RV Park or Campground. 

Lenders will very likely have more than one option to bring financing to the Buyers.

And, if the criteria is such that the Buyer can't handle the project alone and needs an Investor, it's better to accomplish the goal of buying a park (or maybe even buying a larger park) with the aid of an Investor/partner.

Lenders and Investors are encouraged to become Members of RVParkSales.com and participate on the Forums and Blogs to make connections with Buyers seeking Financing or Partnerships.

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