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  • You have a voice in what happens once you add your RV Park or Campground to this marketing site.  You will be a valued part of the site and have full input to modify your listing with one quick call or email. 

  • Do you want to give more information about your park for Buyers to see?  Do you want us to promote it on the Blog?  Or add extra Social Media Marketing for more exposure?  No worries, we will  do that for you so your message can get out there! And this is all still FREE to you.  No upfront costs!

  • Are you thinking "I want to sell my RV Park or Campground, but don't want the world to know it is for sale" (for your own privacy)?  No problem!  We mark it "Incognito" and only give out enough information during the first buyer contact to determine whether or not to disclose your park name and location to that buyer who wants to buy an RV Park like yours.

  • When a buyer asks for info on your RV Park, we have a conversation with that buyer and then send them on to you.   If your park is listed by a Broker/Agent, it can be advertised by them or you, and they can take the incoming calls.                                                                

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Here's what RVParkSales.com does for you!

  • Your RV Park or Campground is advertised on RVParkSales.com on your State Page, with a description of the park and photos

  • We send an email blast to our Buyer Database alerting that your park is for sale so they can check it out on the website.

  • Future email blasts may be sent whenever you make significant changes, such as a New Video is done, or a price change or, for example, ‘seller offers financing’, in order to keep buyers returning to your ad, and to keep the advertising “fresh”.

  • RVParkSales.com  saves you time and trouble 

  • handling all incoming buyer inquiries (pre-screening) by phone

  • assisting you with proper pricing of your park, if you wish

  • having the Buyer complete a Buyer Questionnaire to share with you. 

  • Buyers acknowledge in the Questionnaire that they pledge to keep your Park info confidential.